BSA Eyelet Cardigan anyone?

This is a Blue Sky Alpacas pattern, and it’s loverly! Please join me!

I bought a kit from kpixie (yarn + pattern). I’m using Blue Sky Cotton in Stone. The yarn is buttery soft and is surprisingly very easy to knit with given that it’s 100% cotton. No pain in my hands at all!

Here’s a pic of the pattern, as well as my progress pics. I’ve finished the back and am about 1/3 through the right side. It’s a really quick, fun knit so far.

Oh, as you can tell, my eyelets occur every other row. That was an accident at first, but I liked the look so kept it. The eyelets are actually supposed to be every 4th row.

You know I want to! But need to finish my GG first. Yours looks great! The camera does nothing to the color though, huh?

I didn’t buy the color on the model. I [I]thought[/I] that’s what I was ordering, but I wasn’t really paying attention to the actual yarn in my kit. I was too caught up in the thrill of ordering :rofl:

I’m not upset, though–it’s still a lovely neutral, which is what I wanted.

Ahhh! I need to make that! But in “honeydew” or “ink?”

I got the color in the kit too - stone.

Cate - honeydew and ink are so different! I really love honeydew! :inlove: I got a skein of that color in a swap and it is really pretty.

Oooh, Cate, I say go with honeydew!! It will look fantastic on you!

I’ll go for it after I get paid. :cheering: Is the pattern printed or PDF? If it’s electronic, I would buy it now and start one with the cotton/acrylic I just bought. :teehee: If not, I can wait.

yer killin me, angelia! killin me!

Cate, unfortunately it’s not a PDF pattern, at least not as far as I’ve been able to find.




I finished the back! :cheering: My neckline shaping seems a little more squished than Ang’s…but I didn’t check my row gauge with this yarn, so… :shrug: It might all work out anyway. I ended up using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. I don’t like 100% cotton, so I’m trying this out. It feels mostly like cotton, which I love, but it’s not as heavy and the ribbing seems, uhh, ribbier than I get with 100% cotton.

I’m going to join in! :cheering:

I’m going to use some Rowan All Season’s Cotton that I have in my stash. The colour is called Purr and is a kind of purple colour.

In fact I may just go and cast on for it now! [COLOR=silver](Even though I should be working on my Sahara instead!)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]I’ll let you know how I get on.[/COLOR]

I’ve started!

I’ve done the ribbing and the first 3 repeats on the back.

I’m really liking this knit - it’s nice and simple to remember the pattern and it knits up quite fast too. I’ll post a pic when I’ve got a little further on.

I finished mine–I’ll get DH to get a photo later. It turned out quite well! I do wish I’d put in the top buttonhole, though. I’ll have to find a creative way to hold the plackets closed. I’ve got some short wooden dpns…maybe one of them will work. :teehee:

Unfortunately, the sweater stretched horizontally in the wash, so the back sags. I did wash it in the gentle cycle. :pout: I dried it on the hot cotton setting in the dryer, which helped somewhat, but not entirely. I’m going to work on correcting the sag, though I’m not quite sure how to go about it.

So, voice of experience: be very careful washing the sweater. Even if the yarn is machine washable, cotton is a funny thing. It can be so heavy that you never know how it might stretch.

I’m nearly done with the right front, but I’m thinking this will end up being another sweater I can’t close. :mad: I even checked my gauge! :pout: Oh, well. It’s cute anyway. I’m also not looking forward to putting it together, but that’s nothing new.

The sweater looks waaaaay too narrow before you add the placket, Cate. I was thinking the same thing about mine, but then suddenly it was much wider. Of course I don’t think it’s supposed to close anyway except for the top–the one on the model certainly doesn’t!

I used single crochet to attach the sleeves and the shoulder seams–worked like a charm! I used mattress stitch for the sides. Tedious, but it looks good (I’d never used mattress stitch before).

I stink at mattress stitch, but I don’t crochet at all. :teehee: This could be fun.

How does this pattern come together???

I’ve finished the back - all good so far! But I can’t see how it works! If I hold the back up to me with the top of the shoulders on my shoulders then it doesn’t even cover my boobs!

I’ve started the first of the front sections but even reading the pattern through several times I can’t see how the piece of knitting I’ve got is ever going to magic itself into something that will remotely fit me - and I checked gauge and everything!

Help me please!!!

angelia, still no pictures? :tap:
i was hoping i’d come over here and be overwhelmed with everyone’s beautiful sweaters? hahaha. i’m sure they are awesome, and getting lots of wear, and that’s why they aren’t on here.

i’ll catch up. i swear! just gotta get my GG finished. FINALLY!!!


I couldn’t get the official pattern because they were going to charge me $25 postage to the UK and so someone very kindly typed up the instructions for me.

Only thing is I’m at the sleeves and I think there might be a mistake in my pattern - I am doing the sleeve cap bind offs and the number of stitches I end up with is about 24 stitches more than the pattern says I should have.

Can anyone who has the pattern pm me with the sleeve instructions so I can check mine out?

Pretty please???Crossed Fingers:pray: