Bryspun Needles Anyone?

:happydance: I know needles are as personal a preference as beer or your favorite jeans…well you get the idea. Has anyone tried these? I think I’m in love.

Ok, these circs DO NOT TWIST!

The cable is almost the circumfrence of the needles so sliding stitches don’t EVER hiccup up on the joins between the cable and needle. They slide effortlessly (shwoom!)

They flex so they are much easier on your hand and wrist action - big difference…

Dinfinitely my new favorite thing. They aren’t much to look at and aesthetically, they are certainly not sexy like harmony needles, etc.

Making socks at the moment and I can’t believe how smooth and fast this is going with these needles. The yarn store sold them to me because I needed a size and requested the least expensive. They (circs) were 6.95 each (not expensive for this particular store). My hands are alot happier too. Not nearly as sore from the humid weather.

I’m going back tomorrow to get a couple more sizes.

loo :knitting:

oh they sound like a dream =) I seriously have a problem with the cable curling and twisting, but that’s because I refuse to drop them in hot water out of laziness. I would’ve loved to see a picture of these fantasic needles though =P

:happydance:Yah! Always great when you find a tool that really works for you, right? These sound wonderful!

BTW, are you doing your socks using the Magic Loop method? (I figured you were). I am doing a pair that way and the twisting and curling is driving me up the wall-so much that they’re taking me a very long time. And I’m on the easy part! If it keeps up I will probably go back to DPN’s.

Thanks for the tip! I’m going to look them up, I don’t think I’ve seen Bryspun circs anywhere around here.

Ooh, I’m going through the same issue right now for a pair of socks for my fiance. I’m on the second sock right now, but I remember that with the first sock, I kept switching back and forth between dpn’s and my cable needle. For some reason, I just kept getting bored with the dpn’s and frustrated with the cable =P Lol, maybe it’s just the pepsi’s fault for making me all hyper O_o

I just bought some dpns from bryspun on a recent trip to Maine and I love them, perfect for socks, they are nice and short, 4" or 5" can’t remember and extra flexible

You can find a retail outlet at

Just went to to check out the sizes available. Looks like they don’t come in sizes smaller than 3. I usually use 1’s or 0’s for my socks. Bummer…

[B]labeelady[/B] & GANG - I did make it to the yarn store for more today but could only find #2’s in dpn’s - one of the veteran knitters in the store said she had just done a sweater on their circs and had great things to say about them - she was surprised because they just look like cheap plastic needles but who knew? You are right they don’t have circ’s smaller than 3’s. Good news is they have circs larger up to 14 or so which is good for sweaters & such. I often interchange between circs and dpns depending on the yarn and especially am starting to use 2 sizes smaller for sock cuffs to accomodate stretch. Still working it out.

#3 circs at 24" seems to be the trick for me so far - good “udder” position (yuck!) without twisting or tangling of the yarn. Makes the whole process faster and more enjoyable. HAD TO SHARE THIS…THANKS FOR LISTENING LADIES.

Here’s link the Brysonhttp:

Hilary, Actually not using the Magic Loop and I have yet to try it. Just using long tail cast on, top down, and two circs for front and back. Just as with most projects, the first 3 rows are the most time consuming and ugly - looks like two caterpillars that are trying to twist in agony but once I get the joins going well it’s a breeze.

Loo, I have yet to try the 2 circs method-that’s next on my sock list! I do like doing them on DPNs as well, though. I’m curious as to which I’ll find the easiest and most enjoyable. My LYS owner says she prefers the 2 circs method, because the twisty~loopy thing with the ML really drove her nuts. I’m starting to see why, lol!

I just recently bought the Harmony DPN sock set from Knit Picks, so I’ll have to make use of them, too! Ahh, so many needles, so little time :teehee: