Brutal increase

Does anyone know what kind of increase this is? I found it in a capelet pattern, and they refer to Eliz. Zimmerman’s book (which I don’t have), but no explanation of how to do it. Thanks

I’m afraid that I don’t know what this is, I have googled several variations and find nothing.
What, exactly, does the pattern read?

It says: “knit circularly in stockinette till height reaches 2”. Brutally increase, evenly all around in a single row: (k2 inc 1)*
etc etc.
then at the very bottom of the pattern it says: if for some reason you object to brutally increasing, please read the entire works of Eliz. Zimmerman before trying to tell us anything about it.
??? wha?

I have done a bunch of google searches too, as well as searching within knitting sites. nada

I think it probably describes how the increasing will affect the garment, rather than being an actual “type” of increase.

A K2 Inc1 will give you a fairly high rate of additional stitches… 1/3 of what you have again, really…

My guess is that it’s k2, M1. Maybe it’s hard to do?

I looked in my EZ books and didn’t find any brutal reference. If you’re in doubt, and you think it’s an EZ thing, maybe you could email Meg Swansen at

I would do jsut what the instructiosn say…K2 inc1 all around…I think “brutally increase” is a descriptive term, rather than a specific technique. At least that’s what it looks like to me. :??

ETA…great minds think alike :wink:

I’m going to start the project tonight, probably finish over Labor day (flying to and from Denver, need to keep me wings busy)
I will post results

I think it means you are supposed to smack it around in between increases… show it who’s boss :roflhard: :roflhard:

I have to agree that it’s just a descriptive term, not an actual technique. It’s par for course for EZ… that’s how she is. You have to take her instructions with a grain of salt and remember her humor. :slight_smile: