Brused finger

It seems I am brusing the pad on my fingertip by pushing the needle down to remove the stitches. Since I am a new knitter and still learning, is there another way I should be doing this or should I just suck it up until my finger toughens?

Haha. I went from sore, sore, can’t feel it any more … I think it’s one of those things that toughens up as you go along maybe?

I think yarn kitten is right, it seems to have gone away for me, too. You could wear a thimble if it really bugs you.

I had considered using a thimble but was afraid it might cause problems by getting in the way. I will keep going on as normal and hope it gets better. I have some padded bandaids, maybe those will help cushion it.

I was going to suggested the band-aids, but one thing you might want to look at too is how tightly you are knitting…it may be that trying to knit a little more loosely would help.


So I don’t know how to describe the way I knit, but I am not using my finger on point of the needle. I more rely on the right hand needle to pull it off after I loop the yarn and make the stitch - does that make any sense. I agree with what a couple of others have said - you may need to relax your tension a little so the stitches “fall” off the needle

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You might try brushing the tip of your finger with a couple of coats of the liquid bandaid stuff. That’s what kept me relatively pain-free when I was first starting to quilt. Bet it would work for knitting needles, too!

Good luck and happy knitting,

Ruthie :knitting:

You can also put a drop of nail glue (the kind for fake fingernails) right on the little sore spot. It dries to a hard shell, like a cast. I use it when my fingers or heels split from being dry or playing the piano too much.

I was going to suggest something similar. When I knit a lot [SIZE=1](like around this time of year when I’m trying to cram in last minute Yule presents)[/SIZE] I develop sore spots despite the callouses I have. At this time I buy a bottle of the liquid bandage stuff and apply it over the area. Works very similar to the nail glue, but probably not as hard. I may actually have to try the nail glue now. :wink: