Brunswick Aspen, Vail or Lockwind

Hello All,
I am new to your group so I wanted to say HI and ask a very important question. I have a vintage pattern for a hooded car coat that I want to make. It calls for Brunswick Vail, Aspen or Lockwind yarn but does not give yardage. And since each of the listed # of balls for the different yarns are @ 100grams, but a different quantity of each, I am quite puzzled. Brunswick was bought out by Paton about 9 years ago, so there is no way of finding out the yardage for any of the yarns listed.

Does anyone know the yardage of any of the 3 listed yarns. Once I have that, I can purchase bulky yarn to equal what I need. Thanks in advance.

Can you give us the name of the pattern, the brand can name of the yarns and the gauge (tension) so we can look them up? Maybe we can suggest a substitute.

Have you tried looking these up on I haven’t heard of any of them but hope that helps!

I also have a lot of pattern books from the 70’s and 80’s including some from Brunswick. Probably the best bet is to find a yarn that has a suggested gauge close to the pattern, buy one and knit swatches. When you find a yarn that will work ask your LYS if you can bring back any extra skeins over and above what you need or see if they can give you an estimate of yardage needed for the pattern.
I also have some yarn in my stash that dates back that far and it is annoying not to know how many yards in the skeins. I used to buy about 2 skeins over what the pattern called for and generally ended up with more than that leftover.

I was just given a box full of Aspen yarn… they are 2 oz. (57 gm) skeins; gauge is 3 1/2 stitches = 1", 5 rows = 1" on size 10 needles.