Browncoat Knitters in Hollywood, CA?

Hey, All!

First post!

Searched the forum for “Firefly”, so I know we’ve got some Browncoats (or at least a Brownishcoat) here.

This was the topic I posted to back on Jan. 18th

MenWho Knit?

I live in sunny Hollywood, CA, just a few blocks from a club called The Knitting Factory!
Sadly, the place has nothing to do with the actual craft of knitting!
Would’ve been convenient if it did, ‘cause the only LYS’ aren’t so local, since I don’t have a car.

Any Knitters of Cunning Jayne Hats living near Hollywood & LaBrea?

I’m not in CA, but am definitely a Browncoat! :cheering:

Jayne’s cunning hat is definitely on my list of things to make… someday. DH and I definitely both need one. :teehee:

The hero of Canton, the man they caaaaaaaaall Jayne. :teehee:

I’m not in cali, either.

:waving: I live in north San Diego county and I love Buffy.
Still haven’t seen Firefly or Serenity. :shock:

[size=2]sorry.[/size] But I just Googled Jayne’s cunning hat and must have one! [size=2]even if I don’t know who Jayne is. [/size]

regardless… Welcome!

No WONDER my ears were burning!!!

Welcome, I love seeing new browncoats here! :muah:

:teehee: I need a cunning Jayne hat, too. Hopefully I will be able to work on that someday soon.

:psst: [size=2]We MUST convert zip!!! She already likes Buffy. :D[/size]

Whee, rezzing an old thread.

I’m a Browncoat from SD, although I’m hoping that will change soon. I picked up knitting like River picks up killing. One day (January 2007), someone (Bernat) sent me a subliminal message that triggered some instinct and a general knowledge of how to knit. Since then, I’ve been trying to limit myself to one project at a time. Right now I’ve got three, so that hasn’t been all that successful.

Has anyone started a knit-along for Jayne’s cunning cap yet?

Oh dear, now I have another idea. I’m on something of a blanket kick although this might make a better wall hanging. Hmm… I’ll post sketches when I have them. It involves “This Land.” :smiley:



Has anyone started a knit-along for Jayne’s cunning cap yet?

I’m surprised I haven’t seen one yet. I’ve never knitted a hat, and never thought I would (hate wearing them). The Jayne Cobb hat is the only one I’d consider making.

Of course, DH would never wear it. He says he actually IS afraid of some things. :wink:

My husband in the Jayne hat I made last month…! :wink:

Well I am not a browncoat, but I do visit LA at least once a month!