Brown Bear

This is my second bear for
He is made of Mission Falls Super Wash Wool. I really like that yarn. It doesn’t show in the pic but he has dark denim blue pants. I think he turned out better than my first bear.

These bears knit up really fast. I think he took about 3 days total for me to make. I washed and blocked him before stuffing so had a couple days off from his construction.

Thanks for looking.

He is totally fabulous!!!

Very cute! I love the cables on the sweater. Once I get my scarf for the Red Scarf Project done, I’m going to do some more bears.

simple basic, nicely done


Will you share? My son wants a stuffed animal after I made a koala for his older sister. This is adorable.


Awww he’s very cute!

sooo cute!!!

That is so sweet! I just want to reach out and hug him; he is so cute! :hug: What a nice thing to do!

So cute!!!

Very cute–I love his sweater!

That is adorable! :heart:

Awww! That is cute!