brother knitting carrage problem

have brother 270 bulky the carriage only knit in one direction. does any one know of a repair person in Colorado or near by. that could fix it.

Its your carriage. Check out the Knitting Machine Answer lady’s vids on youtube. She showed a carriage like that & exactly how she fixed it. With spray on cleaner. No kidding. The carriage was totally gummed up so some of the levers weren’t working & this magic spray fixed it. They (she & hubby) don’t sell it but provide links to where they get it. If I can find it I’ll post a link.

Update. Found it. Her hubby starts the video, but she does the bit I think will help you.

They also have a video showing a brother ribber carriage - only knits in one way - needs to be taken apart & fiddled with. But if you can spray something on & fix it, why not?

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