Brooke's Column of Leaves scarf

I swear I need to give up knitting. I make mistakes constantly. I’m getting frustrated with myself.

I just started this scarf. I did my garter stitch edging. The pattern specifically states that the number of stitches will change with right side and wrong side rows. I get that. You CO 39 stitches. The first pattern row is “slip 1, k2, SKP, yo, k2, p2, K7, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, p1, yo, k1, yo, SKP, k7, p2, SKP, yo, k4, slip 1 ([I]You will have 41 stitches on your needle at the end of this row, and at the end of all RS rows.[/I])”

I’ve tried it 4 times, but each time I ended up with 40 stitches, not 41. I’m thinking my problem is going from the yo to the p1 because the yarn is already in front. I frogged it, started over, and made sure to wrap my yarn all the way around and back to the front, but I STILL came up with 40 stitches. I wrote down the entire row and crossed off each step as I did, and I still ended up with only 40 stitches. Any other ideas? Has anyone else run into this problem with this pattern?

With the yo between the k1 and p1, you can do it 2 ways - knit the stitch, bring it to the front, around the needle, then to the front again for the purl st. Or knit 1 and bring the yarn loosely over the top to purl the st and on the next row you’ll have to remember to knit it through the back leg so it won’t be twisted. Same with going from the p st to the knit - purl the st and loosely lay it over the needle to the back to k the next st, but this will be over the needle the same as other sts, not backwards. Do the row and instead of counting, name the sts as you go - slip, knit knit , dec, O, knit knit, purl purl, etc.

the pattern definately gives you 41 at the end. you start wth 39 then there are 6 increases (the 6 Yo’s) and 4 decreases (one K2togs and three SKP) this leaves you with 2 exra stitches in top of your original 39 = 41 stitches.

So where are you not increasing (or alternatively doing an extra decrease)? In all honesty i have no idea but i like Suzee’s idea of instead of counting as you go say to yourself, ‘slip, knit, knit, devrease, increase …’ to make sure that you are doing that each time.

Thanks, guys. I’m going to try again later today. Keep your fingers crossed!