Brooke column of leaves undo

I have started doing the Brooke column of leaves scarf if you don’t know of it, and i have made errors in 3 lines that I need to undo and i’m new to knitting and am so lost. does anyone know how to undo 3 lines without undoing the whole thing? it involves knitting, pearling, p2tog tbl, k2tog, p2tog, SKP, yo. I don’t want to start again i’ve gone so far! please help


If it’s 3 [I]rows[/I] that have mistakes, you can put in a needle to hold the sts in the row that is ok and rip back to that row (ripping out the mistake rows along the way). If the mistakes are in 3 c[I]olumns[/I] of sts, you can work to the column that has the mistake and then let the yarn ladder down to the error and then repair it. However, it sounds like more than one column of sts may be involved if there are sts worked together (k2tog, p2tog, etc.) so this may be more major surgery. See the videos under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Tips, Fixing Mistakes to see if they help.

thankyou! Putting the kneedle through a good row is just the right idea i hadnt thought of that i thought i would have to do each stitch individually. i was wondering if there was a video that shows how to recognise stitches because i have no idea whats going on here

Look on the tips page for basic stitch patterns like stockinette, garter, ribbing and seed st. There’s also videos for fixing mistakes and the Glossary page has videos for p2togtbl, k2tog, p2tog, Skp/ssk and yo which is just a loose loop on the needle that’s not attached to a stitch below it.

Here’s a good video for inserting a needle into a destination row but I couldn’t find anything for sts other than knit or purl. You might use your current row to get an idea of what k2tog, p2tog etc. look like.