Broken interchangeable needle

What the hell!! This is the first time I use this size for a project and I’m in the middle of this blanket and the connector has broken off in the needle!!! This is the BOye set. They kept unwinding while I was working and I was getting annoyed but this is just ridiculous!!

You got them brand new? Contact the manufacturer. Hopefully they’ll replace it. Unless they’re antiques they still should make it right and with antiques they might not be able to. Whenever I’ve had a problem with needles, the manufacturer has been very helpful.

Well first of all nothing is perfect and as annoying as they are these things can happen. Contact the manufacturer or the place you bought them.

Yup bought them brand new at Michaels! I don’t think I have the recipt anymore, do you think that matters?

I’m not sure. You’ll have to ask them. :shrug: I only had one Boye circ and hated it so its long gone.

I have some Boye’s around…somewhere. Since I got my Knitpicks and Knitter’s Pride, that’s about all I use.