Broken images

Just wanted to let you guys know that my images run on my personal server. Since it has started lightning here, really baddddd… I’m going to shut it all down. Sorry for the broken images.

aww you do what you have to do. be safe!! touch base with us when you can!

take CARE, Aby!

Exercise EXTREME caution! Be safe! Ill be thinkin about ya!

there’s a break in the weather. We had that one really bad cell move through and only light rumbling since. So for now, things are back up and running. I just wanted you guys to know why my images would be broken. :blush:

Aby…hope you are doing well, the storm is headed toward my parents…hope it heads off toward Miss, but I also hope that they don’t suffer a lot of damage.

You are in my thoughts!!

Aww thank you. I think we will be alright. If I had my way, the thing would fizzle out in the gulf and not hurt anyone else… poor people in Haiti and Cuba :frowning: