Broken circular needles

Hello, newbie here.
I aquired some circular needles without the wire from my grandmother today. I was wondering if there was a way to replace the nylon between them. :thinking: I really don’t want to throw them away because i don’t have any circular needles and there are many different sizes that aren’t easily found in stores… any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you

Maybe you could buy a stip of nylon and crazy glue it into place? :?? If that works, you can sand and buff any jagged glue bits to keep the yarn from snagging. I don’t know how much a stip of nylon like that would cost or where to buy it, so it might end up being easier to just buy a new circ. :oops:

Just a thought …

Good Luck!

[color=orange]thanks… is there a certain length the nyon needs to be?[/color]

That depends on what you are making…you want the circs TOTAL length to be a couple of inches SMALLER than the diameter of your work. So that you dont have to stretch the work to far to make it all the way around, but you have room for all the cast on stitches.

[color=violet]ok thanks![/color]

Maybe Denise or Boye makes replacement wires you could buy.

Who are they?

They’re the brand names for interchangable circular needle sets :slight_smile:

:doh: :oops: ok thanks… is there a web site?

I think I googled “Boye” to find thier site. I guess you could do the same for “Denise”. Also my local yarn shop has some cables so you might check there.

I bought them from COPPER MOOSE and they were 42.95 with free shipping.

a piece???

No No No…the whole SET. Comes with needle sizes 5 - 15, several lengths of cord, end buttons, extenders and a free set of Ginsu knives.

some people will do anything for the Ginsu’s


Well, they can cut a CAN for gosh sakes!!! :cheering: