Broken ball winder

My ball winder was on a TV stand tray thing. My 2-year old knocked over the stand and snapped the handle right off. The rest is just fine. What should I do? Are there replacement parts? I LOVE my ball winder. It was a splurge when I got it!!!

I would suggest contacting the manufacturer or the store you purchased it from and ask. A lot of times the instructions that come with items has a list and part #'s of replacement parts.

I looked at the box and instructions. Nothing at all about parts. Darn! I contacted Knit Picks through their website and got a generic e-mail of how their customer service is back-logged and they will answer as soon as possible. If you don’t want to wait, call the customer service number.

Hmm… can you put somethng else in there to turn it? Dowel rod or something? Maybe You could figure out a way to attach a drill to it… then you’d have an electric winder, super fast!!