Broad Street Mittens finishing?

When it says to sew down the ribbing, I’m not sure where it means.

:?? I haven’t made this pattern before…but I think it wants you to sew down the shell that you made seprate…So they are wanting you to sew down the ribbing part to your hand so when you flip the top back it will be secure…

When you make the flap, you start with a few rows of ribbing, then pick up stitches across the back of hand. So I’m just not sure which way to sew the little flap of ribbing.

I’m working on these convertibles also! I think the ribbing has to be folded back, then sewn down along the sides.

This picture of redheadrachel’s finished mittens is helpful (if the link doesn’t work, just use the search option on this site and search “broad street”).

Hope this helps,


That does help, I’ll give it a try!