Broad street mitten shell?

Maybe this is really simple and I have made it difficult. But I just can’t figure out how to attach the shell for the Broad Street mittens. I have picked up the 30 stitches on 2 DPNs from the knuckle portion of the left mitten. And I have knitted up 9 rows of ribbing on another pair of DPNs but when I have tried to knit the 17 rows of rounds, it just doesn’t seem right. I am trying to attach from the right dpn to the right dpn of the pick up stitches on the mitten with the ribbing hanging down, but I seem to be knitting from the inside with the purl stitches showing up on the outside. Here’s a picture. I’m driving myself crazy with this. I have worked on trying to figure it out all day to no avail. I have started and ripped out numerous times. The pattern is

Any help would sure be appreciated!!!

I get the impression that you’re supposed to knit across the stitches that you picked up, then across the ribbing stitches. Will that work?

Thanks Ingrid! I have been trying to knit the picked up stitches and then the rib stitches but it just wasn’t right. :shrug: (It’s been soooooo frustrating). :hair:

I’ve turned the glove upside down so that the fingers face me and started knitting the picked up stitches and rib stitches in the round and at least, I’m not knitting insideout like yesterday. Hope this is going to be right. I actually used the Ann Budd mitten pattern and attaching the shell of the Broadway mittens pattern.

Well–that didn’t work :wall: So I have ripped out once more. Noone has mentioned having a problem with this on the various net postings so I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Has anyone knitted these mittens?

i haven’t unfortunately but i am working on the urban set from magknits. i was excited that you are doing that though because i think i want to add flaps to my knucks …or at least maybe the next pair.