Broad Street mitten pattern - question

I’m making this pattern:

But I’ve run into a rather ambiguously worded bit:

Next row: k to the second-to-last st on the second needle.
P second-to-last stitch.
Do a twisted make-one (pick up the yarn between two stitches, twist it a half turn, place on left needle, then knit it), k to end of row.
[On all following rows until gusset is complete, purl the purled stitch to mark the point for the gusset increases.]
Next row: work even.
Repeat these two rows - increasing one stitch after the purled stitch using a twisted make-one every other round - until you’ve added 12 stitches.

What I need to know: Are the instructions saying to knit to the 2nd-to-last stitch on the second needle on every dec. row, or is it saying to keep the purled stitch in the same place, meaning that the location of the increase would occur in a different place in the row each time (i.e., 3,4, etc. stitches from the end)?

I kind of assumed it was the former, but reading it again I’m kind of confused.

Thanks in advance, anybody who can clarify for me!

The way I read it is that the increases happen at the same spot each time (at the purled stitch.)

It’s almost like the purled stitch is the marker for the increase and that’s why the directions tell you to purl that stitch on all the following rows.

Worst case scenario is that you add a lifeline at the beginning of the decreases and do it that way – if it doesn’t look right, you can always frog back to that point and try it again the other way.


Okay, makes sense, I suppose… Should I purl that stitch on the even rounds as well?

Yes, looks that way :slight_smile: