Brng yarn forw sl last 2 sts purlwise

Working on a Moebeus pattern and this has me stumped. I know how to bring yarn forward and sl last two sts but when I turn the work over I’ve got 2 sts on the end and the yarn on the other side. What am I doing or what am I supposed to do with the yarn on the other side that is 2 sts in? Do I just sl those sts back on to the needle and go from there or what? The pattern doesn’t say. It just says for the next row K to last 2 sts bring yarn forward, slip last 2 sts purlwise. This is for rows 1-3 and 5-7.

Thanks for any help!

Just knit those two stitches normally. Bring the yarn across the two stitches along the back and knit. I think what you’re doing is creating a nice i-cord type edge.

If you have a link to the pattern or at least a pattern name it would help when you ask questions. :wink:

Ok, thanks! I’ll try that and here is the link to the pattern. My daughter and I were trying to make this scarf and we just couldn’t figure out what to do with that yarn that’s in back of the sts when you turn the work. So just wrap it around and start k again is what I understand.