British Columbia...anybody? how about Western Canada?

I’m in Vancouver BC.
Gaye:knitting:I love this knitting smiley!

:waving: Hello from Vancouver Island!

I’m just over the border in Washington, is that close enough? :slight_smile:

well…I’m definitely no where near BC…I’m in Canada though! that should count for something!!

hugs and kisses from ON!:muah:



Well, I’m in Coquitlam. Just new to the forum. Hello

Another one from Langley.

Calgary, Alberta
I’m on Raverly to CalgarySandi!

Happy knitting everyone!

Hey Jodi I work part-time at Knitopia–say hi if you drop in!


Hi hi! I am in Vancouver, too!:woohoo:

Hi, i’m from the island :slight_smile: