British Columbia...anybody? how about Western Canada?

I’m in Vancouver BC.
Gaye:knitting:I love this knitting smiley!

:waving: Hello from Vancouver Island!

I’m just over the border in Washington, is that close enough? :slight_smile:

well…I’m definitely no where near BC…I’m in Canada though! that should count for something!!

hugs and kisses from ON!:muah:



Well, I’m in Coquitlam. Just new to the forum. Hello

Another one from Langley.

Calgary, Alberta
I’m on Raverly to CalgarySandi!

Happy knitting everyone!

Hey Jodi I work part-time at Knitopia–say hi if you drop in!


Hi hi! I am in Vancouver, too!:woohoo:

Hi, i’m from the island :slight_smile:

:knitting: I’m in North Vancouver.
Check me out on Ravelry (nick in Drtymama).
Maybe some of the locals on the list here would like to join the Ravelry group ‘Knitting in North Vancouver’. We meet twice a month, generally the 2nd and 4th Thursday evening.