Britain's Got Talent

Here’s somebody from Britain’s got Talent that was able to shut Simon Cowell up. He was a cell phone salesman, and while I don’t usually listen to his type of music, I would say that he’s definitely got a golden voice:


Ive been following it on YouTube for the past few weeks. Do you know he won!

There is also an excellent clip from this series by a 6 year old girl - you should check that one out too, her voice is amazing!

yeah, watched most of it while working, after my mom called me this morning about it.

Yep I watched the show on TV here too. Conny the little girl was awesome - her voice was reminded me of “little voice” in that she was sounding exactly like Judy Garland.

Paul was awesome too - such an unassuming guy. I can’t watch it too much because he does to me what he did to Amanda (female judge) it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and makes me become very emotional. It is draining, but he is just SOOO good.

My DH watches him all the time, over and over, and each time, he has a little cry too! He is a fantastic singer and deserved to win, no doubt about it!

Amazing. Not only great but his voice is so…honest. He clearly is what he is without pretense. Pure greatness.

he is amazing and she is adorable! both so very talented

That was beautiful, made me cry ( mind you I cried when I watchedt he six year old sing " Over the Rainbow" )…thanks for posting it

Oh My!! He’s wonderful-:cheering:-I’m so glad he won–he seemed so shy and unassuming. I hope he will get to his dream. SO many of us dream of having a special talent–I love to see the “little guy” WIN sometimes!!:muah:

I’m not a fan of Idol type shows…or really Simon for that matter. But this was awesome! I love that song and it makes me teary most every time I hear it. When sung like this, definitely gives me goosebumps because it comes from deep inside the person’s soul.
:heart::heart::heart: Wonderful!
It’s nice to see genuine approval from the judges.