Brioche stitch confusion

I am knitting Bounce, a Ravelry brioche hat pattern. I’ve knit brioche before, but never like this. On Row 2 pattern says to *k1, knit into the row below, k1, repeat to end, but doesn’t have the number of stitches increased, so what do I do with the rest of the stitch I knit below? thank you

You’re not increasing at this point. Put your right needle through the stitch that’s below the loop on the right tip and knit into that.

thanks so much, actually found the ThroughtheLoops suggestion on Ravelry, which brought me right back here, but of course. k-b knittinghelp video Thank you for this wonderful source!

That’s not an increase, but makes a st similar to the sl/yo and knit them tog on the next row. It’s usually called fisherman’s rib and there’s pictures in this tutorial.