Brioche rib...not sure how to do this

I am making a Brioche Criss-Cross Shrug.

Looks like this

You make it like one long thing sorta…

Anyways… I have done some k1, p1 rib and now I am gonna start doing the Brioche rib.
[I]Next row: sl 1, yo, sl 1, k1; rep from to last st, k1.
Next row: sl 1 *yo, sl1 k2tog (sl st and yo of previous row); rep from * to last st, k1
Rep last row until piece meas 69…[/I]

Now, what I wonder is where do I keep the yarn while doing the “yo”? Looks like I make no purl stitches so seems I should keep the yarn in the back…but I haven’t been able to find anything about making a “yo” when it is between two slipped stitches.

Also about the “(sl st and yo of previous row)”…I kinda wonder how that works.

I kinda have an idea in my head on how this will work, but I need someone to sorta confirm it.


Hope this make sense.

I think I got it. It sorta makes sense once you start.
:aww: :knitting:

…but then again, maybe back to those questions again. :aww: :aww:
I seem to get it messed up.

The YO just sorta lies over the top of the needle. On the way back pick up the slip st and the yo and knit them together.

I found Elizabeth Zimmerman’s descrption in Knitting without Tears (around page 96) the easiest to follow. Do you have that book?

I thought of it as doing a yarnover across the slipped stitch. Then on the next row the YO and the slipped stitch are right on top of each other so it makes sense to knit them together.

Good thinking there with the yo over the sl st. I’ll have to use that thinking.

Nope, I don’t have the book. Worst case I’ll have to get it.

Thanks for the replies. I am gonna make another attempt here.

Merry Christmas!