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Hello, I’m about to attempt the Basic Brioche (two colour) Beanie. It’s my first time doing brioche, (and posting a question!) so I’ve been reading up on it & have found conflicting info on where the main colour/light colour (the main is the light colour, yes? & the dark is the contrast colour?) should be at the end of the round. Some say put it to the back, because you’re doing the brioche knit rounds with that colour & some say to lay it to the front at the end of the round, which might have something to do with making it reversible. I don’t know if it will become obvious when I actually attempt it. I’ve read tips about the yarn over issue at the end of the rounds, but it seems like the where to place each colour at the end is a separate thing. Or is it? I haven’t even started yet - well, I did a chinese waitress cast on with fewer (64) stitches because a bunch said it turned out massive with 72, but ripped it out because I could see it would not be stretchy enough for an adult head & barely connected on my 16" circ needles. Think I’m going to just do a german twisted CO 72 and hope it’s not too big instead of too small…Any help/tips about the where each colour of yarn should be at the end of rounds would be wonderful, thank you!!

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Maybe this one?

The video recommended in the pattern seems like a nice one. It’s very clear about the placement of yarn at the end of round and beginning of the next.

Thank you so much for the speedy reply! Yes, that’s the pattern! I see this video also says to leave the brioche knit round yarn at the back when done with that round. That makes sense to me & that’s what videos from Suzanne Bryan & Andrea Mowrey say as well. And the continental video link from the pattern from Nancy Wynn. I knit continental, so I’ve just been looking for contintental how to videos to not confuse myself. The thing that has confused me is many people say Nancy Marchant is the expert for brioche & her instructions say this: “At the end of a MC round, your last stitch will be a sl1yo, lay the MC thread to the front after working the yarn over and let it hang there. Pick up the CC hanging at back and work next round.” She also says don’t cross your yarn when changing colors at the beginning of a round, which is the bit that makes me worry! If the majority of people place the knit round main colour to the back when done with the knit round, then I think that is what I will go with; I was just perplexed to see different instructions - a bunch who say to place it in the back & a few who say to place it in the front. Maybe both work out fine & the issues beginners have is primarily with the yarn over at the end of the knit round, so where the yarn is left - back or front - doesn’t really matter?

I would follow one of the methods. Trying to make sense of or synthesize the different videos is just confusing at this point.


Good advice, I will pick one method & just give it a go. Think I’m just overly paranoid about making mistakes before I’ve even attempted it & overthinking this, so I’ll just follow the pattern method for this one.
Thanks again!

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Learning 2 color brioche is hard enough without this kind of confusion. I would study the italian caston tho. I think it makes a world of difference to the professional look of the project.

I consider the “right side” color the one that has the connected decreases & the side where they separate the wrong side regardless of which is light or dark. This one appears to be light side right.

Ive made many brioche hats. Warning! 2 color brioche is addictive!.

Thank you FluffyYarn! I was confused by the main colour/light colour/dark colour/contrast colour as well since I couldn’t find anything that mentioned both ways of labeling them. I wish I saw this tip about the italian cast on before I cast on yesterday! I’ve already ripped back the first two rows after discovering I was missing a cast on stitch - think it was squashed by the lifeline I put in…I will be counting how many stitches after every round going forward. Not that I want to actually attempt fixing if I find a mistake. I guess it will all just be a learning experience for this one & if I get addicted like you say, I will definitely look up the Italian cast on for the next one! And also be able to fix mistakes, I hope! Thanks again for the tips!

Corrections are much harder on brioche in general, let alone 2 color brioche. It can be done but I suggest being more familiar with the stitch. Soon it will be easy peasy. What I love are all the variations. Here is a scarf I knitted in brioche/stockingette combo.Capture _2017-09-01-11-55-021

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Hi, thanks for sharing; that’s a lovely scarf! I love the little tucks you’ve done! It looks so light & floofy; I’ll bet it’s super warm & squishy! Yup, already made & fixed some mistakes, so that has helped me get a better understanding of the basics. The next challenge will be the decreases - debating on sticking to the pattern which decreases very quickly & leaves a big gathered lump on top, or following another suggestion for a nicer looking decrease. I know I’ll be putting a lifeline in before I start & I’ve only got 2 inches done, so we’ll see in a few weeks when it’s decrease time if I’m up for the challenge of the more complicated decreases. Thanks again for sharing a pic!

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