Brioche Beret

The main color is knit in just a regular Patons worsted wool. The contrasting color is Noro Kureyon.

I got the pattern from Knitty

I like your colors. Nice work.

Very striking colours ! I really like it :slight_smile: Nice Beret :slight_smile:

Wow! That is gorgeous! Love the colors!! :inlove:

Wow, that is beautiful! :thumbsup:

Great color work!

Very nice. Great work.

cool!! :thumbsup:


Very pretty, I like the color combo! :slight_smile:

You’ve been really busy knitting! Love the colors,and the camera work isn’t bad, either.

:happydance: Love the colors, it looks great!!

It’s lovely and the Kureyon gives it a special look:thumbsup:

It’s gorgeous!!!

Its so pretty!!

Oh wow Jeremy! This hat is wonderful! What an enterprise!
Thanks for the link to the pattern!

I’m impressed! Brioche is not easy to deal with and you did a very nice job. Congratulations on a very neat hat.

Wow! Beautiful work. Great colors.

How was doing the brioche? I’ve thought about trying it but it seems a bit fiddly. Did you find it difficult?