Brimmer Hat

Good day , I would like to ask help again about the Brimmer Hat on…My problem is that I get confused on following the Brim pattern. Can you pls help me?
Thanks ang God bless

I’ve moved your post to it’s own thread, you’ll get more answers that way.

This Brimmer hat by Katt Walker? What part don’t you understand - where to pick up stitches, how to pick them up, or what?

No problem I tried a new trick on how to pick up on the Brim, pattern says pick up 8 stitches before and 8 stitches after the cast on join, I did it other … I only pick 8 stitches in front ( middle) then contiue picking up on each side as I go on because I made an opening on the ribbing where I can put out my long hair…
Also can you pls teach me on how to do decrease on lattice stitch…I saw a video on youtube ( tight lattice stitch ) but can’t figure out how to make decrease… For my Hat pattern or when I make a Cardigan… Seems that is a nice stitch for it…
Thank you very much and God bless.

If the Lattice stitch has YOs the easiest way to decrease a stitch at the edge would be to leave out a yo.

It sounds like you have the right idea for the brim even though you’ve moved it to the middle of the cap instead of at the join. Do the increases as marked and continue to pick up on either side. It won’t matter that you’ve moved the placement of the brim.

This is what I mean… I want to use the stitch pattern for my new Hat.
Tight Lattice Stitch
On the right side rows, the front twisted stitches are P1, K1
On the right side rows, the back twist stitches are K1, P1

On wrong side rows, the twisted stitches are both purled

T2F = Twist 2 front

Pattern and video are at…

Thank you very much

When you come to a decrease row, work the edge stitches as stockinette stitches and use them for the decreases. You’ll have to give up the twisted stitch pattern in order to do the decreases but it will look fine.

That was a bit hard to find, here’s amore direct link. In a hat, that’s trickier to maintain the pattern. You might have to do panels of the lattice stitch with stockinette or reverse stockinette between and decrease in those sections. You could add more plain sts at the edges of the pattern repeats, the basic repeat is 4 sts, which you’d work across the panel, then have 4 or 6 sts between each one instead of 2.