BRILLIANT INVENTION! Not specifically for knitting.. but very handy!

If you click on the ‘features’ page, and scroll down… there’s A KNITTER!! Knitting and reading her book!! :smiley: (or a pattern… I don’t know)…


Australian invention of course :wink:

Ooh I like it! That sure looks handy. Thanks for posting the link!

The website didn’t indicate whether or not they’d ship to the US. I really like the idea!

I love it and not just the fact that the lady is knitting and reading…that is just a cool invention for a reader!

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for - but I don’t think the website ships to the US and I couldn’t find anything else comparable through googling. Anyone know of a way to get this in the US?

oh wow i wnat one but i live in the uk… any one know if they ship to the british?

(staring blindly into space like a zombie) :zombie:

(chants)…must have Book Seat…MUST HAVE BOOK SEAT!

I could read knitting books…while I knit…!


PS Looks like they ship to UK and USA!