Bricks dishcloth

My latest.

Find the pattern either here: Dishcloth Boutique or on the back of every Peaches’n creme 2.5 oz yarn wrap.

Easy and very impressive.


Cool design!

I love the pattern! The colors work so well together!

That is really neat!

teee heee it makes me want to knit an egg and some kings horses and kings men. lol forgive me I really to love it.

Can you post the name of the manufacturer of Peaches n’ Creme? I tried the link you posted, but i get a search engine. I love that pattern! I have lots of yarn I can use to make those.

Peaches and Cream is sold at Walmart. The link was broken, but I fixed it, but it is to the dishcloth pattern site anyway. :teehee:

How cool! The effect of the different colors is really neat!! :cheering: