Brett Favre is retiring! :(

:waah: I can’t believe it. I am so bummed today. Talk about a great football player. I know that we will all move on with our lives, but I just wanted to take a minute and acknowledge an amazing player. 17 years. What a fantastic run.

Go Packers!! :cheering: Favre will be missed.

He’s a great player, but after seventeen years, can you imagine how much his body just wants to rest some? The punishment that football players take is downright scary. They’ve put many a sports medicince doctors’ child through college.

I truly feel sorry for anyone who takes over as QB for the Packers. No matter how good they are people will never accept him and will always say “Yeah he’s good but he’s no Bret Favre”.

And he is so cute too. :wink: I was very sad they didn’t make it to the Superbowl this year. I just felt crushed for him! Isn’t that kinda weird? He needed it so he could retire with that under his belt.

The way people are acting around here (near Green Bay), you would think that God had died. :roll:

I wish Brett the best in his retirement … but we all knew this was coming…:thumbsup:

It is sad. Brett Favre is a legend in his own time.

I wonder who will take his place as the best QB in the league? Manning? Romo? (okay, I just like him cuz he’s one of the cowboys).

I can’t believe he’s leaving us! The guy definitely deserves a rest, though.

Oh, I totally agree with him needing to rest his body. Those football players sure do take a beating. I hate it when they take the cameras down to the field and you can hear the grunting and groanings and the hits they take! My God, the sounds that it makes is unreal. It’s amazing they can stand back up after taking all those hits.

He is truly a legend and I agree, he is pretty cute! :wink:

I Love Bret Favre! Okay, so I’m a Giants fan and was thrilled with the Superbowl win, yadda, yadda, yadda…However, in the playoff game with the Packers I truly felt good about the outcome either way. If my Giants won - Hurray, Hurray!! But I love Favre and the Packers and would have been just as excited for them to get their chance in the Superbowl. It was a win-win for me. (Besides, I’m also an Ohio State fan and one of our former stars, AJ Hawk, is on the Packers, too.)

Well done Bret. Enjoy your rest. We’ll see you in the Hall of Fame soon and, hopefully, maybe on TV calling plays! :muah:

Sigh…it’s a sad day for sure, but you’ve gotta respect his decision. He’s given his all and I’m glad he is going out on a winning note!

I had this long rambly post typed out about Brett Favre because he is one of my all time favorite Packer Players and I will surely miss him. But I deleted it. I hope he comes back to visit. He didn’t just play for the Packers, he and his wife did [I]a lot[/I] for the community, too. It’s not really going to hit us until training camp starts and when the season starts and there is no #4 on the field. That is going to be so strange.

(If you haven’t guessed from my avatar, I am a die hard Packer’s fan. :slight_smile: ).

I am happy that he is going out on top and on his own terms. For someone of his stature, he deserves no less. To truly appreciate what impact Brett Favre has had right here in NE Wisconsin, and what he helped to bring, you have to remember the Packers of the 70’s and the 80’s. Brett Favre not only helped the Packers win again, but he brought us some respect. You don’t hear much now about players not wanting to play for the Packers anymore. For those of us who missed the Lombardi Era entirely, he helped give us our own Glory Years. And for that, he will always have this Packer Fan’s undying gratitude.

Knitting Guy, I agree with you. I don’t envy Aaron Rodgers, either. I only hope two things happen. One, Aaron Rodgers tries to be Aaron Rodgers and not Brett Favre, and two, I hope the fans give him a chance to find his way and be his own person, instead of trying to fill someone else’s shoes. I’ve been watching NFL Network and all their tributes this week, and I think everyone has forgotten that in the 1993 season, Favre came very close to getting benched himself, but the coaches and the fans gave him a chance and look what happened. This coming season may separate those who only jumped on the bandwagon from those who were either always on it or jumped on and have no intention of getting off of it. We shall see.

Sinistral, I agree, the local coverage is a bit much. I haven’t watched any of it on Channel 26. I’m almost afraid to. You’d swear that he died instead of retired. :roll: The worst ones are the ones who are still in denial. Although I got to see his press conference on Thursday, and I bet that there were not too many dry eyes in the entire state of Wisconsin. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I got misty eyed myself.