I am going to String of Purls for their knit in either this Thursday or next don’t know which yet, you planning on attending at some point in the near future? We could have our own mini KH knit in. :smiley: Just wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

i would love to but the only thursday night i don’t work is the fourth Thursday of the month (i am supposedly going to a central committee meeting but i retired from that group months ago and just never changed my schedule :D)

I will certainly go then though!! :happydance:

:thinking: So the 26th then? That would work for me and give me time to get used to my school schedual since I start on monday. :happydance:

yeah the 26th! …i was thinking it was earlier this minth but you are right. did you see that they are expanding into the store next door to them? Can’t wait to see what they do with all that space!

Have you been to personal threads this week or are you making me buy up all their stock while it is on sale? :wink: i want them to get rid of that Malabrigo so i can stop buying it whenever i go there!!

:roflhard: I have not been there this week :frowning: I opted to buy my needlemaster set instead of more yarn. I need to buy more yarn for my sweater though! maybe I will have to go Now to talk the DH into letting me use the card :thinking: hehehe

I did see that they are expanding! That is so exciting. I REALLY want them to be done so that I can see all that they are doing with the place. I can only imagine what they will be adding :shock: :happydance:

I am currently marking my calendar and e-mailing my dh to let him know to keep that Thursday night free. :thumbsup: