Breeze Rowan pattern

Hello everyone,

I’m Zare, and I’m new here. I’m spanish but I live in Scotland, and I’ve knitted several english patterns. I usually understand them, but i’m having troubles to understand some parts of Breeze Rowan pattern. I would appreciate if someone could help me with this… (back pattern)

Keeping patt correct, dec 1 st at each end of next and 5 foll 24th rows <

Thank you very much.

Welcome to KH!
These directions are often confusing. If you call the next row, row 1 then you’ll decrease at each end of rows 1,25, 49, 73, 97 and 121.

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Thank you very much for your welcome and your help. Much appreciated.

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Hi Zaregrannia,
Welcome to this great site! I am from the US (Northern California) and I ALWAYS find it difficult to decipher when the instructions read this way. Salmonmac just has a way of simplifying everything and has saved my sanity countless times! Don’t hesitate to keep asking questions, you will always get an answer and encouragement here.



Hi Claudia,

Thank you very much for your welcome and your words. It helps a lot to find someone that finds this instructions difficult to understand too, because I was starting to think that I was a bit dumb. :wink:
Hopefully I found this forum!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think all of you are doing a brilliant job. I hope I could help as well…


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