Breaking yarn?

Can anyone tell me what it means to break yarn? I’m trying to do an entrelac scarf & that’s what it’s tellin’ me to do, but I don’t know what exactly that means. hmmm…

Thanks for the help!!

When it says to break yarn, it just means that you can cut it. Leave about a 6" yarn tail though, for weaving in later.

haha, thanks. Why can’t they just say cut the yarn? :wink:

because some of us cannot be bothered to stop knitting long enough to go look for the darned scissors that the kids snuck out of my bag 6 days ago to do ONE thing and never returned and they are now hiding somewhere in my ‘organizationally challenged’ home and not in my knitting bag at the ski slope where the same original children are skiing until I find them and wring their necks for LOOSING my 4th pair of scissors this year and its only FEBRUARY

Oh did you mean OTHER people
They have their own reasons
I just untwist the ply little and pull

it breaks pretty easily