Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Ok, I have (literally) seen this movie a hundred times… but this morning was the first time I’d seen it since I started knitting! Can someone PLEASE tell me what kind of knitting Audrey Hepburn was doing? I replayed it several time, but it confused me :shock:

Haven’t seen the movie, Nuno…sorry I can’t help!
(But you’ve got me curious about it now!) :slight_smile:


Me too! Now i have to rent the movie just to see Audrey knitting. The movie was on TV last month darn it…

I searched the web looking for the answer. Even went to her message board hoping to find the answer. Sorry no luck…

oh my god, i vaguely remember that seen now. i don’t know either, but i want to!

Haven’t seen the movie, Nuno…sorry I can’t help!

:shock: CURSES!

Ok, I watched it again :oops: … I think what it is - she is English knitting, but I think she is just holding the yarn weird :? Also, she has the yarn up in a think that is coming from the celing (think plant holder) on her far left so it has to travel a good 5 -6 feet to her hands (for the dramatic effect and all)

I remember that the yarn was red. Or maybe she had on a red sweater (cuz that film was ALL about the clothes) and the cat (named Cat) was playing with the yarn. Also I thought that the yarn was wrapped around one of them big ole dead bull heads with horns sticking out. My memory is fuzzy. OH and I think she was knitting a sweater for a prince of Peru or something that she was going to marry to escape jail (cuz she had this whole weather report scandel with Sally tomato) and she heard it was cold in Peru so she was making a sweater. OK now I have to get this movie and fast forward to that part.

I have that movie as well and had not thought to watch it atfer I started knitting. I do remember that she was knitting because she was goin to brazil and wanted a pretty red dress or something like that. She joked about it maybe getting confused with a house plan or somethin. I’ll look at it when I get the chance.