"Break" yarn?

This probably isn’t a really technical question, but can anybody tell me why all the patterns I read specifically say to break the yarn when you’re at a point to be finished with the product and weave in ends (as opposed to cutting the yarn)? Does breaking the yarn make a difference somehow to cutting it? :shrug:

Also, I lost [color=red]ANOTHER[/color] knitting needle somewhere in the house, and I’m LIVID!!! :grrr: This is the second needle I lost (the first one was a straight–the first pair of knitting needles I bought for myself–and the second is a set of circulars; both are bamboo…is there a pattern here???) Does anybody else lose needles, or is it just me? :verysad: I’m so bummed–I needed that circular to finish my hat, and now I can’t! :verysad: I feel like I’m losing my mind! I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, but no luck.

Sorry about the lost knitting needle. :pout:

As far as I know, “break yarn” and “cut yarn” are one and the same.

i’ve lost needles several times, but always seem to find them. one time in particular i can remember, the needle was missing for weeks, and i discovered a hole in the couch under the cushion. reaching my hand deep into the hole, i found the needle among the springs

No, there’s no difference. Maybe it goes back to the days when scissors weren’t handy. Or it’s just an old fashioned term -like break off, Meaning: Break a piece from something',come to an end’ or “become separated into pieces or fragments”


I’m old enough ( :eyebrow: ) to remember when knitters would grasp the yarn in each hand, pull hard in opposite directions, and break the yarn.