Brea bag pattern question

I’m looking at this pattern and I would like to attempt making it but I can’t seem to find how many stitches I’m suppose to cast on first. :?? Is it 126 like the back?
Also, when making it am I making all four segments of the bag at the same time or and I making 4 triangles and then stitching them together later:thinking:? THANKS

Yes, you cast on 126 stitches for the back.

You are knitting the front then the back and then you’ll be seaming those 2 pieces together.

It looks like 4 wedges seamed together, but the front and the back are each one piece. The way the decreases are done, you work from 126 stitches down to 6 stitches and it forms a crescent shape. VERY cool. I’ve made it so if you have any other questions, ask away.

awesome you guys thanks :hug:

I made this bag a few months ago and it is very easy once you get into the rythm. You’ll love it - it’s so pretty! What color are you using?

I’m not sure of the brand & type of yarn it is because my sister sent it to me without the labels, it was a Bday gift. She sent a basket of yarn she put together herself and she said they looked nicer in the basket without the labels on. But it’s a beige kind of color.

Yikes! You need the labels so you know the fiber content at least. You wouldn’t want to machine wash wool and have it shrink and felt.


TOTALLY!!! It was one of those things unfortunatly that i couldn’t get upset about because she was trying to so something nice…
[color=blue] me: Thanks!!! umm were are the labels?
my sister: oh i took them off because it looked nicer without them
me: oh…umm… :wall: <— me quietly to myself…ok
my sister: why? should i have not done that?
me: umm nevermind it’s ok THANKS LOVE IT!!![/color]
I think most of them if not all are at least lion brand because she was asking be about yarns and which ones i buy the most of and i told her lion brands are my regulars. So if thats the case then i just have to figure out which ones which.

knitqueen Do you find that this bag needs a lining? I’ve got mine seamed and waiting for a handle, but I’m wondering if I should line it as well. How’s it holding up in general–how did you block it? does it hold it’s shape?

And also–WHERE did you find a blasted handle for the thing? The only handles I can find 'round are cheesy twee plastic ones. :pout:

Okay, well I should clarify :oops: . I did ALL of the knitting of this project. And the assembly. But I haven’t found handles and I haven’t actually used it. If I did though, I’d want to line it.

Yeah I think I’m gonna line it. I can’t find handles aannnnywhere. I might just order them off the internet somewhere.

This website is a great source for any type of trim/handles/fasteners, etc.

Yeah that’s the company that makes the recommended handle for the pattern–but the handle costs more than the yarn for the entire project, plus shipping.

Oh I’m so glad this is a current thread.

I’ve just cast on tonight and once again having difficulties with reading patterns. Please help

Firstly what does this mean "K the k sts and p the p sts as they face you"
Does it mean
Row 1: K2, P2
Row 2, P2, K2

The back of every knit stitch is a purl and the back of every purl stitch is a knit. So if you knitted a stitch on one row, the back of that stitch is a purl so when you come to that stitch you would purl it.

This post should be helpful for you, as far as recognizing knits and purls.

Thanks, I messed up the first few rows, but I’m going to leave them.

Thanks so much for your quick reply, it lessened the damage

Have fun with this pattern!
I really enjoyed it. The way the decreases work is great…you’re just knitting along and all of a sudden the crescent takes shape and when you’re done you look like you’ve knit and seamed four sections. It’s detail is deceptively easy.

Finshed the front and back, you right very easy and fun to knit!

Working on the gusset now, and can I just say - I HATE moss stitch and ribbing and all forms of long winded k1, p1
Only another 3million stitches to go.

At least it’s a narrow piece, and with the double strand and large-ish needles, it actually goes pretty fast.

YAY!!! So i finished one side of the bag and started on the second side. I wanted a slightly bigger bag so I added a few more rows to the beginning. Also, I took some of the yarn my with me to the store and found out it was Lion Brand Jiffy in camel color.