Brave New World (of socks)

So I am taking my “sock” class - its a two parter, did the first part on Monday, and am supposed to have the top all done and the heel flap part for next monday. I am ASHAMED to say that I bought yarn for not one but two socks and am kicking myself for not getting yarn for a third pair LOL.

I think I like it and I think I get it, although I did immediately go to Silver’s site to compare notes. The only big diff that I saw was that the class has us using 5 needles, so instead of a triangle a rectangle…but I can see where I might like silver’s method better…so here is my question - if you are doing it with 4 needles are you better off with the shorter ones or the longer ones? With the 5 needles, definitely the shorter…

Oh and the new knit picks came! MUST>>>>>RESTRAIN>>>>>MYSELF>>>>>>>>

Bump. :slight_smile:

I prefer short needles for socks, but I’ve only done kids socks and ladies. :thinking:

I suppose if you were doing Bigfoot :shock: socks, or really wide knee socks you might want longer ones, but mainly the extra length would get it the way, I’d think.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


I use the shorter ones and only 4 needles.

Yeah I think the next pair will be done with 4 needles. You still have to move the stitches around to do the heel flap so there is no huge benefit to it, plus its one more toothpicky thing to deal with. Nonetheless it is teaching me the technique and between that and Silver’s tutorial I plan on making lots of socks!!!

Oh yeah, she let us try longs and shorts…we all HATED the longs…

Next question - do you all prefer wood or metal for dpns?

Yeah socks is on my list of things to do… still … kinda scary… :slight_smile:

Don’t be askeered…socks are FUN…remember, u are only using 2 needles at the time, just like regular knitting and socks are so less intimidating than they look!!! I was PETRIFIED OF ALL DPNS…now I have zillions (more or less) of them bc I knit both socks @ the same time :wink:
I use 5 dpns when knitting socks, I’ve found that I pull less at the change of needles with having my sock on 4 dpns…and I so have the 5dpn pattern memorized :wink: …but I work with 4, too!! All in all…it’s whatever you prefer as long as you are KNITTING SOCKS :wink: … I’m doing 2 socks on 2 circs next & I may then stray from dpns…who knows…it’s okay … as long as socks are being KNIT…because it’s FUN :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:
FYI, this episode of Knitty Gritty has lots of sock tips…u will find helpful video @ the site & very helpful tips.

how short are the short needles? I have needles that are 7"s. But then I’m knitting big socks.

And I agree with rebecca… I first started knitting with DPNs a few months into knitting and really it’s not scary at all once you get how to do it!

The ones I use are 5"

oh okay. that sounds right. I want some :slight_smile: