Brand-newbie knit/purl question

I’m taking a local knitting class and have only had 2 so far. The teacher has given us a pattern for a scarf with Reverse st st Chevrons in it.

I can knit and I can purl and cast on… but I cannot figure out how to knit and purl in the same row past the first row. It keeps turning into a knotty mess. I’ve ripped this thing out a good 4 times.

When I knit the yarn is supposed to be behind the active needle, and when I purl it’s supposed to be in front. So in transition, how do I get the yarn in the proper position? I have tried moving it, which twists my work beyond oblivion, and I’ve tried doing the stitch with the yarn on the wrong side (front for knit, back for purl) and that winds extra yarn around my work. :wall:

We’re using the basic US method of knitting on 8 gauge needles and I have worsted weight acrylic “soft” yarn.

I’m trying to figure this out without resorting to calling the teacher. If you ladies can help, I’d really appreciate it!

When you switch from knit to purl, bring the yarn between the needles to the front for purl and to the back for knit.

Sounds as though you may be over-thinking it.
Read Ingrid’s reply and pay special attention to the word "between."
Sometimes a beginning knitter will think "it can’t be this easy"
and bring the yarn OVER the needle or AROUND it or some other complicated maneuver.
Just a tiny move BETWEEN the needles from back to front or front to back does the job.

There’s a video on this site that shows how. Look under “Basic Techniques.”

Ingrid’s right, it’s just taking the working yarn from the back (for knit), and shifting it BETWEEN (cannot emphasize that enough) to the front to purl. Then insert your right needle into the front of the loop on the left needle, and wrap the working yarn counterclockwise around the right needle tip and pull it out. Voila! Shift it to the back to knit.

I learned to knit from a book, but was stuck for TWO YEARS!! (AAARRGGHH :wall: ) doing garter stitch, 'cause the dang books (yes, more than one) omitted this very simple but CRUCIAL step, while going on to teach yarn-overs, cables, etc. Unbelievable. Maybe they take it for granted that you’ll get it, but I had to go to a knitting clinic to ask the yarn 'Dr." for help at my local Michael’s. Once learned, I was THEN well on my way to cables, lace, etc… :happydance:

Belated thanks to you ladies! :notworthy: