Brand new, what to buy?

Well I’ve recently become interested in knitting again (when I was very little my grandmother taught me some, but I’ve long since forgotten), and I’m clueless here…what are the must haves for starters? (which yarn, which needles…) If there’s already a thread with this, please link it because I couldn’t find it. :mrgreen:

I started knitting a year and a half ago using size 6 & 9 straight needles and just regular synthetic fiber yarn like carons. Its cheap and you can pull it out and restart a project when you mess up, without worrying about ruining a nice yarn. Also I highlt recommend circular needles, they are great. I think the best way to go is to buy a set like Denise interchangable needles. They are around 50$ but come with different sized needle tips and cords, can be used as straight or circular and will save you money in the long run. I hope this helps.:happydance:


Hello. Different peole may recomend different things for beggining since everybody has different preferances but there seems to be a general consensus that you should pick a light coloured yarn that is of a medium to heavy weight (may be labled as worsted or chunky or in some countries 8-ply). This allows you to see the stitches clearly as you are making them. For the same reason it is also a good idea to avoid and novelty type yarns such as eyelash as the fuzziness can make it difficult to see what you are doing.

For needles, some people recomend wooden, some aluminium and others plastic (or plastic coated). wood or bamboo is good as it can help prevent stitches sliding off the needles but some people find it makes their knitting very tight, aluminium is nice and smooth and light but some people find them too slippy and plastic can sometimes just feel odd. In the shop handle a few different types of needle and see what feels best to you.

Needle size: i would reccomend 5mm and over. The yarn you buy will probably have a sugested needle size on it, i would reccomend going a size or two bigger than this when you are learning.

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or in some countries 8-ply

8 ply yarn is thinner than worsted, which is 10 or 12 ply.

This is what i told my daughter when she asked me to teach her…
Go and get a size US7 or US8 straight needle and some peaches and cream(walmart sells both)

you can also get a “starter pack” that has BASIC equipment and a book. its called “I cant belive im knitting” Micheals, Joanns, Walmart type stores sells it. under $20. The book is a good one in my opinion. It has a little “class” on basic knitting and then at the end some patterns.

On a personal tip: start making washcloths. Get a book on washcloths and make every one of them. when you get to the end you will have encountered enough repetition, problem solving, stitches, casting on/binding off and just plain “Wow I made that” feeling to make you want more and challenge yourself to tougher projects. And, you have a few washcoths for the bathroom and kitchen. or for Christmas gifts!! Just a thought of mine.

good luck and welcome back!!!:hug: