Brand New to Knitting -

My mom showed me how to knit a couple weeks ago and I have watched a few videos online. Apparently I learned the English method of knitting. However, I cant’ get my index finger on my right hand to participate. I accidently found my own “method” of wrapping the yarn around my fingers on my right hand. Does it matter if I don’t do it just like the video and my mom do? My stiches seem easier and more even when I hold the yarn “my” way? Can anyone hlep me? Thanks!

Absolutely, hold the yarn however you are comfortable. Everyone has their own style, and there is no ‘right’ way to knit. I even (still) change the way my yarn wraps depending on which yarn i use, whether i use straights or circs… I like to mix things up a bit :teehee:

Do whatever you feel comfortable with and if you are getting the results, then keep going.

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!!
Absolutely whatever works for you!! There is no right or wrong way to do it. I am a continental knitter, the English method totally does not sink into my brain. My mom taught me to crochet when I was about 5, so continental was easier for me to learn, and I hold the yarn pretty much as I do when I crochet. My style is not exactly how I have seen in books or on this site, but it works for me so I use it.

If you’re getting consistent stitches, you’re doing it right. I can’t hold my yarn like the videos either. I also hold different weights of yarn differently. If I knit continental, I like my tension just a bit looser. If I knit English, I wrap the yarn very tightly over/around/between my fingers so I can give it a little tug when I make a purl stitch (otherwise my purls look like I knit them on needles 2 sizes larger).

But beware, I’m pretty new at knitting, so I could be way wrong on everything I just said–but so far it’s working OK for me. For me, it’s all about the process. The finished product is just the icing on the cake. I like that knitting forces me to slow down and just be calm for a few hours each week.