Brand new to knitting...teach me please

Brand new here…help

Welcome! At the top of the page is a tab with videos. In addition there is YouTube. I suggest getting so e size US 8-9 needles and some light solid colored yarn I worsted weight #4 and start practicing. Ask questions after you’ve tried. You can also go to a yarn store and take lessons.

Yup. Absolutely. I’d suggest learning the knitted cast on first, that way you’ll be practicing knit stitches at the same time. Enjoy!

what I would recommend is that you keep challenging yourself with new stitches and techniques. I spent years just making garter stitch scarves and I got bored with it quickly. YouTube is an amazing resource, there are so many videos that can teach you new things.

Also, I would definitely recommend looking up any stitches you haven’t done before, even if you think you know what they mean. I thought I knew what sk2p meant so I didn’t look it up, and I was way wrong.

Once you get the hang of basic stitches, you should invest in some higher quality yarn and needles. It’s just more fun, plus whatever you make will look and feel better.

Have fun!

ust wanted to say what an AMAZING website.
I started knitting in the spring and I absolutely love it. But since I am a beginner I have alot of questions that can’t always be answered by looking in a book. Thank you thank you thank you for the videos!!
nancyg :smiley: