Brand new to crochet

Im already a keen knitter but i fancy trying something a little bit different.

Any ideas on the best patterns to start with?

Im also left handed if that makes a difference.

Any ideas much appriciated

also how to knit a square design would be great.

basic ones to start with though!


Hi and welcome to KH!

Whenever I teach people how to crochet, I always recommend they start out with something small, like a potholder or coaster. That way they can learn the stitches while finishing a project in short order–and maybe not get too frustrated in the process.

If either of those ideas interest you, look at some of the crochet patterns for them on Ravelry. I’d recommend sticking with a basic square or circle. Once you find one you think you’d like to try, either jump in and give it a shot or come back here and ask the experts if it’s suitable for a beginner.

One of the regulars here, MGM, has produced some tutorials if you need basic how-to info.

If you get stuck, you know where you can get help!

Oh, and for your second post, are you wanting to knit a square or crochet one? (Thought I’d better ask for clarification since you were just discussing crochet.)

Glad to have you here at KH. Are you going to knit left handed or do you knit continental, which seems closer to crochet in the way the yarn is held?

Ok thankyou I will have a look. Although I am left handed I knit righthanded as my nan taught me and she is righthanded! Im looking to crochet a square, rather than knit. But I would crochet with the hook in my left hand as I get in a muddle with my right!! Also I have a couple of hooks ive tried a basic chain stitch but my wool keeps splitting, am I better with a bigger hook?

Yes, you might try a larger hook to see if that helps with the yarn splitting issues. As far as crochet patterns go, I think most of them can be worked either left-handed or right-handed without too much trouble. In crochet you don’t really have left-leaning and right-leaning decreases like you do in knitting, so [U]that[/U] shouldn’t be a problem.

However, you might want to search on YouTube to see if you can find some left-handed crochet demos (that is, if you need help holding the hook and yarn). The stitches themselves should be made the same regardless of which hand you use to hold the hook.

Oh, and there are lots of square patterns (many are potholders), which can be made from side to side or starting in the middle and working your way out (ala, granny squares).

Here’s site with free patterns and also tutorials that may help.


ive just completed my first granny square! needless to say a lot of unravelling and about 3 hours later! with the help of “how to crochet a granny square lessons” on youtube, brilliant!

Although it is smaller than i think it is supposed to be and a little mis-shapen, i am very proud :slight_smile: with a little practice and a bigger hook i think i am well on my way.

Now to learn all the different designs!!

Congrats on your first completed object. It sounds like you’re off to a great start.

As you know, learning a new craft just takes time. Pretty soon you’ll be a crocheting machine. I find crochet goes a lot faster than knitting, but I’m a long-time crocheter and short-time knitter, so there ya go!


I started here.

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