Brand new knitter!

[B]My mom and I took a knitting class yesterday. Her knitting is a lot tighter than mine and I cannot figure out how to make my stitches tighter. I tried tightning the yarn after each stitch but then it gets hard to knit through. I just can’t understand why when we’re doing the same method why our pieces look so different as far as the stitches. Please help with suggestions/advice-thanks!!

You are doing great!! It’s a new skill :slight_smile:

Your knitting is different from your moms cuz you are a different person. Keep practicing and the tension of your stitches will become more even.

I knitted lots and lots of little squares 20 stitches by 20 rows, when I began knitting many moons ago:mrgreen: This helped me see what happens when I did different things.

I wrap the yarn over the index finger,under the two middle fingers and around the pinky. I use this to tension my stitches. How do you hold your yarn/ needles. Are you a lefty or righty??

One thing you need to remember…no two people knit the same…really. Don’t worry about how your mom knits, you knit the way you knit and just enjoy. Actually, it’s a lot easier to knit if you keep your stitches sort of loose where they slide easily on your needle. Too tight of stitches makes it very hard to get your needle in to complete the stitch. Just relax and knit the way you feel comfortable. This is a fun hobby/craft and you should enjoy it. Pretty soon you won’t even notice that she knits differently. And I’ll bet you both will be producing some awesome projects very soon!

Loose is nice and has its advantages and if you need to get smaller stitches you can use a littler set of needles. :thumbsup: You are doing great. So is Mom, tight can be good, just harder to knit sometimes. She will probably loosen up a little with practice and all will be well. Keep knitting.

Don’t get in the habit of pulling the yarn after you make the stitch. Tight stitches are hard to knit into, especially if you have to do decreases. So it’s better to not be so loose, just knit in a relaxed and comfortable way, and your mom just works in a way that’s right for her too.

It’s fantastic that you and your mom are knitting together. Concentrate on just learning your stitches right now, don’t worry about how loose or tight they are or whether they look like the stitches of anyone else in your class. Loose stitches are better for learning because you’re not “fighting the yarn” so much. It might also be that you and your mom may be using different sized needles or yarn, a whole host of reasons could explain it.

Bravo to you and mom for learning knitting. It’s fun, it’s relaxing and you can always use what you make. Let us see what you knit. :cheering: