Brand new knitter

Hello out there. I have just started my first project (scarf) and a friend got me started. Now that I have come to the end of the skein I don’t know how to go to the next one. The scarf is not as long as I want it so I need to add the 2nd skein but aren’t sure how to do that. My second question is once I have finished the scarf how do I put the fringe on? Thanks for any help!

You can loosely tie the ends together and keep knitting. Later you can either reknot the end tighter and hide them, or weave them in. The Tips page has some other ideas for Joining Yarn.

Fringe is usually put on with a crochet hook - poke it through a st on the end, fold the strand in half and bring the loop through the st and then the ends of the strand through the loop and tighten. There may even be a video for this on Youtube.