Brand new knitter!

I mean, we’re talking 2 days new!
Hello! I am a 22 year old university student recently cultivating an interest in knitting. I’ve no previous experience with knitting, but my grandmother tried to teach me how to crochet when I was 7. The results were disasterous. After purchasing a Do-It-Yourself-Knit kit, and watching a few videos on how to cast (the slip knot eluded me, but thankfully I found a video here which told me that for a basic cast, it was not necessary much to my consternation) I can make one crude row of stitches! I can pass the stitches from left needle to right but… where do I go from there? How do I create a second row? Please do forgive a novice, but I have a genuine interest in learning to knit so that I may have something in common with my grandmother before she passes away.
Thank you for your time and patience,

Hi Lisette,

Welcome to the board and to knitting addiction! :wink:

To do the next row, your right needle becomes your left needle. Then you have an empty needle (which used to be your left needle), and this needle is now your right needle which you use to knit off the left needle.

Basically, everytime you empty one needle, your full needle becomes your left needle, and your empty needle becomes your right needle.

I hope that makes sense!

Good explanation salsa!

And welcome to the world of knitting Lisette. I started knitting while in college myself (and don’t ask me how long ago that was!!) but put it down for a while before starting again just a couple of months ago.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, we were all beginners once![/img]

Thank you for greeting me so warmly and replying to my post!