Brand New Knitter

Hi all!
I have just started to learn how to knit and am stymied by the ribbing stitching. I am knitting one and purling one, but don’t know how to start a new row. If I knit the last stitch on the previous row, do I purl the first stitch at the beginning of the next row? Thanks for any help!

If you end ribbing with a knit, start with a purl. If you end with a purl, start with a knit.

Look at the stitches you’re creating. This will help you learn to ‘read’ your knitting. If the next stitch on the left needle is a V, knit it. If it’s a bump, purl it.

That is right. If the last stitch is knit, the first on the next row will be purl,

Hi Ingrid.
I’ll try using your information.
Many thanks