Brand New Knitter

Hi. My name is Stacy and I am a newbie!! I have been knitting mostly in the evenings for the last two weeks, so in total, probably about 10 hours. I have a 17 month old running the house these days, so I have to wait until he goes to bed! Anyway, I have been looking for a knitting forum and I have found so many useful ideas and tips on here already. I was also relieved to hear that I’m making some of the same mistakes that most beginners make, i.e. adding stitches, holes, dropped stitches, etc. I was starting to think that maybe knitting wasn’t for me, but now that I know it happens to everyone, I am encouraged to keep on going! I have started the same scarf five times now!! Right now I’m teaching myself from a book that I absolutely love, but in April I am taking a four-week class that I am very excited about!! I think the hands-on experience of a class will help me along!

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself and I hope I will have a finished scarf one day to show you all!!


Hi Stacy, I’m Carrie and also a new knitter. I’ve been crocheting ten years but just took up knitting. My mother-in-law taught me the knit stitch last weekend, but she holds the yarn in her right hand. My ribs got big ladders in between so while using the internet to look up why, I came across this website. I love it! I now knit continental style and it is so much faster (and similar to crochet in holding yarn in left hand). I’m working on a potholder that is just a basketweave square that I will then sew a piece of fabric on (the pattern is at I think I’d have it done by now except I can’t figure out how to correct mistakes. Like halfway through a row I’ll realize I purled instead of knitted, so I cut my yarn and start all over. Now I’ve gotten tons of practice but only have five rows done. I really like knitting, though. I have four children myself (6 and 5 year old boys, and two girls, one is 3 and the other will be 2 on Sunday). I also have a family daycare in my home, but find time to knit while the kids keep each other busy. Now I’m done rambling! Don’t give up on the knitting – think of all the cute things you can make your son!

Oh goodness, don’t cut your yarn!!! :verysad:

Just unravel it back to the point where you made the mistake and redo it. If you can’t figure out how to do that, then pull out the whole thing and start over from there. Click on the Basic Techniques tab above, and go to the …and More section and scroll down to Fixing mistakes. If you’re not sure what you’ve done wrong, ask us here.


I don’t always even unravel, unless the mistake is on the row that I’m working and I can pick up the stitches with my left needle as I un-do. I just mark the mistake and when I get to the stitch that is above it I drop just that stitch from the needles and use a smaller knitting needle (a crochet hook would be better, but I don’t have one) and re-knit that ‘column’. I call this “knitting surgery” and to talk to me while I’m doing it is to risk having your head bitten off. :oops: But it’s a lot less painful than unraveling. I only unravel if I have no idea what went wrong or where.

Thanks for your advice, Sue and Markette. I started fixing mistakes on my own but it took so long (I was unraveling one stitch at a time because the thought of all those stitches off the needles was scary to me) Then I got halfway done with my square and realized I did almost a whole row wrong when I got to the end of it. I came here and read your replies, then watched the fixing mistakes video and got a lot braver. I unraveled the row and fixed it and was amazed at how easy it was. So thanks for encouragement – I have a new skill! :happydance: By the way, I wanted to let you know that I’ve been using leftover yarn, so all those times I cut it I wasn’t wasting good yarn. Now I realize I was wasting a lot of time, though!