Brand New Knitter

Hi there,

My name is Jen, and I live in TX. I’ve been wanting to learn to knit for a while, and even took a class, but the teacher wasn’t all that great. So I’m trying to teach myself using the videos here.

Since I am also a crocheter, I am trying to learn the Continental method. I can do the long tail cast on, and I think I’ve finally figured out the knit stitch. But for some reason the last stitch on my needle looks wonky when I get to the end.

I know I’m having issues with my tension, I’m casting on way too tight. But generally the stitches are pretty even across until the last one. When I knit the last stitch (this is the very first knit row after the cast on) it’s very loose and floppy, with yarn dangling along the bottom. When I try knitting a few more rows, it almost looks like I’m missing stitches or something on that end…it’s all loose and floppy, and almost looks shorter than the rest of the piece.

I hope I’m making sense. I don’t know enough about knitting to even really describe what’s going on. lol… Thanks!

Jen in N TX

That at least sounds like what used to happen to me when I started knitting. It’s the last stitch of your row that looks loose, right? What works for me is, when I turn the work to do my next row, I knit the first stitch and then pull the working yarn tight. Sometimes I even do it on the 2nd stitch, too. Seems to help tighten things up and take up the slack on the row beneath.

Hope that helps!

Jen in ID :wink:

:waving: Welcome to Knitting Help! I’m not exactly an expert myself, so i don’t know if i can help you, but as for the last/first stitch getting all big and loose, i know by experience that slipping the first stitch from the left needle, to the right 1, helps keep those edges tight. since you’re slipping the first stitch, it gets knitted as the last stitch in the next row.

hope that helps! :hug:

Argh…I can’t figure this out! Let me try explaining it a different way.

Let’s say I cast on 10, then start knitting the stitches. The first 9 go along just fine. When I reach #10, I insert the needle to knit, wrap the yarn around the needle, and pull through. Just before I pop off the last stitch I see that I have the new loop around my working needle, and a bit of the old loop waiting to pop off the other needle. (Is that Jack, from “off jumps Jack?”)

When I pop off that last stitch, it dangles loose underneath the swatch, instead of being tucked nicely together with the other knitted stitches. When I turn the needle to knit this (which has now become the first stitch of the new row) it’s so dangly that I can’t tell exactly where I’m supposed to insert the needle. If I pull my working yarn around to the front of the needle, it tights up this dangly bit, but then the stitch looks like an upside down U with the working yarn going up from the center.

(I’m not actually working the stitch with the yarn to the front, I’m just trying to describe what it looks like…lol)

I’ll try to see about posting photos…

It really does sound like what happens to all of us and especially new knitters. Just stick your needle under the loop on the left needle and keep going.

Here’s a couple quick photos…is this what you mean?