Brand new knitter to join the ranks!

Hello everyone! I have finally been able to pick up knitting. =) I bought myself one of those teach yourself to knit kits that comes with needles and patterns and everything. Im excited about learning, but things are tough. I’ve successfully learned how to make my slipknot, and have started casting on, but I have problems when it comes to moving from one needle to the other. Things seem to get very tight. I try to cast on a little looser, but then my slipknot at the beginning gets so loose, that there is a big loop at the end of my knitting. I just cant seem to get a steady tension in the thread. Any newbie advice would be so great! Thanks guys!

Welcome to the world of knittiing! :knitting:

Casting on too tightly is a common problem, especially for brand new knitters. You could get a set of needles a couple of sizes larger than the ones you will knit with and cast on with those, and then knit with the ones you will be knitting with. You could also take your knitting needles and put them together with the points going the same way. Cast on around both of them, and then pull one needle out before begin to knit.

Getting even tension is something that will come with time and practice.

If you haven’t yet, take a look at the videos on this site. They’re excellent!

Even tension just comes with practice. Which caston are you using? If it’s the backward loop, that always gives you a lot of extra yarn by the time you get to the end of the row and really isn’t a good one to start a project with. Try the knit or cable castons instead, or the long tail.

welcome to the wonderful world of knitting! may you have years of pleasure through this great craft. linknit41

Welcome! I am a new knitter too! It is sooo addicting :slight_smile: I’ve only been at it for about a month or so and it really just takes practice. This website has a TON of videos that really helped me out so far. Little my little I keep teaching myself new things. It’s a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Ditto what everyone else says. Watch the videos and practice, practice, practice. You’ll eventually get there if you stick with it.