Brand new knitter please help with issue


Hi all! Its nice to meet you my name is Chris. I am brand new to knitting and trying to teach myself. I am currently trying to make a very simple scarf for my wife based off of this video:

When I am going to do a knit stitch no mater how I tension or how close I keep my needles I always get a very long strand of yard between the two needles. As I continue down my row of stitches it gets longer and longer and it makes it very hard to keep things together and messes with the stitch here are some pictures. Would anyone have any idea whats going on and how I could fix it?


That happens because of the type of cast on they showed you to use. If u use one called the long tail cast on this shouldn’t happen.



Hey thanks for the input I will for sure try and cast on with that and see what happens. I greatly appreciate your time!


The cast on that you had used is called the reverse loop CO. It develops slack between stitches over more than several stitches.

There are oth CO methods that may be easier than the long-tail CO to start out.
Consider the knit cast on or the cable cast on.
Knitted cast on.:

Cable cast on:


As another brand-new knitter, I can attest that the long-tail cast-off is in fact extremely easy to do and gives a nice, stable base to start a project from. Here’s a good tutorial (one of many excellent tutorials at Sheep & Stitch):