Brand New knitter!Lots of Q's! Please help!

I am brand new to knitting, Someone showed me how to do a basic stitch.I’m a quick learner but am having trouble with figuring out how to start and on what. What would be a good first project to do? What tools should I start with?Will I learn on this website how to finish a row and start a new one?How to finish the project off when it’s complete?How do you change from color to color?But first I really want to know what to buy to start with. What needles are best for a beginner and why are there different sizes? And why some needles are connected together by wire? I really need a hobby and I really need help getting started! Please help!!!

Welcome to Knitting Help!

You’re getting a little ahead of yourself here. First get the materials and practice knitting till you feel comfortable with it. Then you can learn to purl and practice that.

I suggest you get some size US 8 needles (bamboo are good to learn) and some soft, smooth, light colored yarn in a medium weight like worsted. It has a 4 on the label. Don’t get anything fuzzy like novelty yarns. They are hard to learn with.

There are videos here on the video tab and if you have trouble just ask.

There’s even a section under the Free Videos tab on Getting Startedthat answers many of your questions along with the videos. Welcome to KH!

Hi and welcome.

Different size needles are used for different size yarns, some are thick and some are thin. Get a medium one, like Jan saidn and though the label may say a size 8 needle is used with it, I suggest a little larger one, like a 9 or 10 because it makes bigger stitches and they’re easier to see. It should be light or multicolored - it’s harder to see the stitches on dark ones.

The needles attached to a cord are called circulars and you can use them to learn on. I think they’re easier because you’re not fighting to balance the wieght of the straight ones at the same time you’re learlning to hold the needles and yarn and wrap the yarn to form the stiches. You can use them just like straight ones and also for knitting things in the round without seams. A 29-32" length is good, they’re long enough for adult sweaters and small blankets, but not too long for knitting small things like scarves and dishcloths.

Thank you for the input! I’m guessing I should start with something simple like a scarf?

Sure, but since scarves generally run about 5 feet long, you might get a little bored. You could get a smaller skein of some inexpensive yarn and just do a sampler. CO about 20 stitches, then run through all the Videos - knit, purl, increases, decreases, the ones on the tips page for different stitch patterns. After a while you may have half a scarf anyway and you can finish it up however you want.

I think if you use the scarf to learn different techniques or stitches it might be more fun.:thumbsup: