Brand new knitter--help w/ changing color

Hi-I’m attempting to knit my first scarf with colored stripes. I am not sure of the best way to join in the new color, can I just twist the new color around the original and keep knitting? Also, how do you “carry” the colors up the scarf? I have read about it, but I don’t understand exactly what it means or how to do it. I really appreciate the help. Thank you.


Amy has videos for all different types of joins HERE. Carrying the colors means that when you’re done with one stripe, you introduce the new color without cutting the old color. When you’re done with the stripe, you reach down and grab the old color. It really only works when you’re knitting for a few rows, because it leaves a long loop up the side of your knitting.

Thank you for the help. I had looked around the site and missed that link. I was able to start the new yarn, it looks kind of messy, but it worked.